My Experience Of My Field Experience

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The field experience has been a learning experience. I had the opportunity to work with the teacher and students in classrooms activities and even during recess. I have been to elementary schools before to complete my volunteer hours, but this one so far has been the best. I have learned how to communicate with students and teachers. Teachers and faculty are the role models of the school setting. However, the students are the ones who make the teachers special.
Teachers are the best example after parents. Parents have their kids on the weekend, however, every other day of the week the students have to be in a classroom following the teachers instructions and procedures of the school district for seven hours. Teachers are like a second parent or a baby sitter, so it’s important to be a good role model to the students. Results are that kids learn more at schools since there are different cultural backgrounds and much more diversity as in population. As teachers, we have to be open minded, respectful, understanding, responsible, professional, talkative, disciplined, and have knowledge in management skills in the classrooms. Additionally, teachers have to deal with not only students, but parents and administrators as well, and it can get stressful. At the end of the day, the time teachers spend at school goes by fast since they are steady busy doing work. But there’s nothing else I could think of than being a good role model.
To start, the school I chose is an elementary

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