My Experience Of My Life In A Sorority

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Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be in a sorority. I have always had this image of what a sorority girl was in my head. They were the pretty, stuck up, and rude girls. I didn’t want to be involved with drama and hold girl’s hands in pictures. I just wasn’t that girl. My best friend joined a sorority and she changed but not for the better. She became one of those girls who only thought about herself and her appearance. I wanted to focus on school and making friends, not partying every weekend and caring about my outfit for that night.
As I started to tell people where I was going to college almost everyone asked, “Are you going to rush?”. I explained to them that I didn’t think I would fir in or see any positive outcomes out of it other than getting into parties. One day, a girl that attended Washington State University, asked the same question that everyone else had been asking. When I told her no and my reasoning she was shocked that I thought of a sorority in that way. “You have been watching way too many movies girl”. She started to talk about her experience being in a sorority. One of the main things that stuck out to me was the girls who really weren’t stuck up or full of themselves. Of course, would always be a few but for the most part she said they were genuine people that cared about each other. We talked about how it isn’t all about partying and how a lot of the houses are strict about grades. Grade checks are prominent throughout the

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