My Love With Reading Analysis

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The first time I ever fell in love with reading was when I was 10 years old. I feel like that maybe a little late in the game, but my parents never really read to my sister and me while we were growing up. I never truly had that, "wow" moment with a book just yet. My father was in the Army and was deployed a lot and my mom worked or tried to stay busy so she would not miss him. Reading wasn't on the top of their to do list and at the time, it wasn’t on the top of mine. We were busy exploring new cultures and new places that other people could only dream of. I had been to France, Italy, Czech, and many other European countries before I was old enough to retain where I was and what I was experiencing. Oh, but that faithful day in my 5th grade class when reading evaluations came through, I had scored an 8th grade reading level. I was so excited when I showed my parents the evaluation, not because I loved to read and was having one of those, "look what reading has given me" moments. I just felt smart. We went to the library the next day in school to find books that were in our reading levels. I was a little intimidated at first, the books for 8th graders were superior to what I was used to reading. I was going to "Soldier on" as my father said and check out one of those huge and almost frightening looking books. I mean just because I could read at an 8th grade level didn’t mean I had to, right? Yes, I had to, I had to see what was out there for me in the terms of literature. I

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