My Experience Of Writing In English

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Wearing a nice uniform that day, I was very excited to join the school. Mom always told me I never started crying when I heard the word ‘school’, instead I used to be happy. I still remember when I wrote the letter ‘A’. I was so happy. A letter I wrote in class brought me so much appreciation that I started loving the letters I always used to write in neat and clean handwriting so I was popular in school as ‘the girl with a beautiful handwriting’. Time went by. Those were the first memories I have about my writing. From my kindergarten, I passed to elementary and middle school. That time I never hated writing, whether it was English or my native language, Nepali. Writing in my language, I used to enjoy so much because it was easier. But, writing in English, I never achieved, how stereotypical American writes. I used to read the newspapers that came in English. I would start a line and was just able to read a few lines with full understanding. At that time, I felt why another language is hard to learn and your native language is easy. I had an English teacher who was from India. He had the personality that anyone interested in English would envy. He used to make learning so interesting by giving us the example of writing. When I wrote a piece of essay in his class, he showed the whole class how writing should be written. I was happy, but I thought upon myself how any native English speaker would react to my writing. I always had that fear inside me even though I used to write
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