Personal Statement Of An English Learner

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Daniel Gasca Period 3 Personal Statement I walk over to the nine-year-old boy sitting across the room as I reach for my pen and sheet of paper. As I approached him, I halted. Quietly, I asked him what he needed help with. Looking confused, he asked me what the word bough meant. I froze. I didn’t know what the word meant. Embarrassed of not knowing a fifth grade word, I asked the teacher for some assistance and after she told me what the word meant I understood and was then able to explain to him that a bough is just a synonym for a branch. Noticing that David was still confused as to what he was reading, I sat beside him and allowed him to read the passage out loud to me. While I defined the words that he didn’t know and listened to him read the passage, I was able to classify him as an English learner who just wanted to be just as good as the other kids. David had the same mindset as me. He believed that you wouldn’t become successful if you didn’t work your butt off at any point. He knew that a lot more than the ones that have talent just become successful. People with ambition get things done and make the necessary sacrifices to live the life they dream to live even if they have to go to countless days of Saturday and summer school. They only do it because they are determined to become successful. Ambitious people know that there are no shortcuts in life and that only hard work and practice will get you to where you want to be in life. With this said, I couldn’t help but

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