My Experience Teaching For The First Time A Close Reading Activity

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Based on my experience teaching for the first time a close reading activity I find that responding critically to a text is important because it lets you know more of the reading than event in a text. As a student, I did not like to read and I am guessing is because I was not taught effective reading strategies that could help me improve my reading comprehension and really understand the meaning behind the words of book. Through this activity, the learners, where able to go deeper into the text and got to know more than the brother had died and that she was recalling a fight about a tattoo and a caper they did when damage the just poured cement. Looking back to their answers in the written response, I could see that they were able to understand the use of the strategy and show evidence for what they used it. Being able to apply the skills in a complex text and being ELL students shows that motivation of wanting to learn. When responding to text this close, students are able to find more information and slowly but surely see themselves as proficient readers and are able to sustain reading discussions effectively. Fostering the student’s metacognition helped them understand the reading especially with unknown words besides the one uses as part of the vocabulary word. Being able to set the purpose and reminding them of their actions while reading gives them an opportunity to know what they are doing and what they need to focus on their reading. For a next time, first I
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