My Experience With Customer Service Representatives

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Have you ever had an experience with customer service representatives? Some have stood out for being unpleasant to me because of my inability to communicate with Native Americans fluently. Sadly, I’ve had so many of them that it will take a lot for any of them to stand out. Some parts of my embarrassments have been silly and unnecessary, and I regret being embarrassed. Sure, emotion is irrational, but no one else understands why I was embarrassed, it was probably a less clumsy situation than I thought it was. Being embarrassed about my accent is something I have struggled with these past two years due to inability to communicate with Native Americans fluently. If I asked to summarize my staying in America, it would be, “I have been in uncomfortable and embarrassing situations during communication, and personally survived it.” It was a very cold morning as the drifting snow of December; as it has been raining heavily the previous night of December 15, 2012. Without looking at the dropped temperature, I went to Ultra Food grocery store on this morning to buy some groceries. Without wasting much of my time in the store, I quickly picked all I wanted to buy, put it in the shopping cart and pushed my cart to the check-out areas when I was ready to check out, the queues on the check-out registers were really long, so I opted for the self-check-out areas which were slightly less congested. As I was scanning some of the items one-by-one, the machine asked if I wanted to
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