My Experience With My Grandmother

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Line, Facebook Messenger, We chat, and ten miss calls from my aunts and uncles from Malaysia all on the same day meant there was a family emergency. On a mid-summer day in 2015, my phone went on blast with notifications. I was at my volunteer location, teaching my class of students in Taiwan. I could not focus at all that day because I knew something was up. Once the bell rang for lunch, I immediately checked the notifications on my phone.I called my mom right after to ask her what happened and if she heard anything. My mom was considerate to my feelings and tried to tell me that grandma was in the hospital. She did not want this situation to affect my mood, while I was abroad. The truth was, my grandma had passed away. Since 2013, my grandma started suffering from Alzheimers. The mental illness started out mildly and slowly progressed as time went on. Within the two years I went back, her memory started decaying and the ability for her to move was limited. There were days where she was strong and alert about everything, but on other days she was confused if she had eaten dinner or not. I was raised by my grandma until I was six years old. My relationship with my grandma was like no other. She protected me when my parents disciplined me and I comforted her when she would cry alone in her room. Up until the last time I saw her, she was still concerned about me and my future. During the last talk we had, she expressed her feelings of not being able to see me graduate college

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