My Experience With Technology

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My Experience with Technology I am going to tell you some my experiences with technology from my past and how it will lead to my future. One of my experiences includes taking a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) apart when I was younger. Another is when I built my first computer and the consequences that followed when I did that. So why did I take VCR player apart when I was younger? The reason is that I was curious, like boys are at that age, and I wanted to know how the VCR player worked. Therefore, I did what any other 10 year- old boys would do in my shoes, I found a screwdriver, and I started taking apart the player. Taking it apart was easy, but putting it back together proved to be a little more difficult than I had originally thought it would be. I tried hard to put it back together, unfortunately, I didn’t to have the required skills at the time to reassemble the VCR so in the trash it went. This VCR was not the only thing to be taken apart and not reassembled. I must have taken apart a least half of a dozens of them in addition to a DVD player or two. I took apart pretty much anything that was not bolted to the floor. To be fair, most of them were broken and were junk anyways, so me taking them apart didn’t mean I was out of control or anything. My parents saw it was a learning experience. My grandfather, on the other hand, told me when I was not allowed to touch any electronic devices in his house with a screwdriver, which I obeyed, most of the time.

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