Personal Narrative: How Technology Has Affected My Life

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All of my life I have heard about the dangers of an excess amount of screen time. I have heard that it affects your vision, sleep schedule, energy, overall mood, and even success in school or on the job. In the past I may have disagreed with these statements because of my stubborn personality and because of my own inclination of overusing such technological devices, but now I have come to somewhat agree with these accusations against social medias, video games, and television. I look on how it has seemingly affected my own life, and I lean towards the arguement of the first passage. At times I even wonder what my life would be like without the large amount of exposure I have to these devices on the daily. At the age of four I was …show more content…

I still used my devices for ten to twleve hours a day, but instead of angry, I was just depressed and sad. I had given up on school, any relationships, and all I had was my phone and occasionally I would use my brother's computer. I dropped out of school because I had just given up and my whole life revolved around an online communitity or a game, and I did not care about anyone else that I actually had contact with. This is still current, except for the fact that I am here taking this HiSet test, and hopefully moving on with my life. I only just started to slow down and somewhat limit my screen time, and I am now in counselling. The second passage speaks about older children making relationships online being a positive thing, but I see it as purely negative. Children who pursue those online relationships abandon their real families, their old friends, for what? Something that could disappear tomorrow because maybe one day your online friend will cease to come online anymore. Then all that time you spent dedicated to them is wasted and you are left feeling empty. Technology and these devices are addictive. To tell parents and children that they should not limit themselves or their children on the amount of time they spend looking at screens is foolish, and sometimes it dooms

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