My Extended Family Originates From The Rural Areas Of Pakistan,

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My extended family originates from the rural areas of Pakistan, I spent first 8 years of my life there before immigrating to Canada with my immediate family. Given the culture of the Middle East and South-East Asia, while growing up, some members of my extended family lived with us in one household. This extended family structure is very common in Pakistan and the surrounding areas, often times it is also follows a very gendered model of what the male and female members should be doing. Male members of the family generally handle everything outside of the house by being a provider, protector, and in some cases, a teacher to the children. As for women, they manage everything within the household, including cooking, cleaning, taking care of…show more content…
However, my mother still handles majority of the tasks within the home, cooking the meals, cleaning, and gardening while my dad leads the household in all other aspects, including budgeting, household repairs etc. The only difference is that the gender roles are no longer exclusively “his” and “hers”, my parents work as a team to get work done as effectively as they can. For example, if my mother is at work, my Dad will take out a recipe book and cook us a meal by the time my Mom comes back. When I look back to my days growing up in Pakistan, I cannot recall many times I saw my Dad in the kitchen, in fact, I do not have a single memory of him cooking for us. One of the key notions of women working that we talked about in class is the belief that women who work are “just helping out”, or creating “fun money”. Since this observation focusses on my family, I will talk about my experience with my Mom working. Even though what she brings home pales in comparison to what my Dad makes, she is the primary reason why I am fortunate enough to be able to graduate with no debt. She has literally saved a potential 10 years of paying debt from my life, that is not “just helping out”, that is making a vast measurable difference in the quality of an individual’s life. The system of shared spheres that my parents set up has worked very well for us, challenging the gender norms of our native Pakistani culture and giving my sister and I a different gendering process, compared to

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