My Family And Being Career Driven

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When I was growing up I remember watching my Grandmother iron my Grandfathers clothes, while cooking breakfast for four grandchildren. I admire her still and strive to be more like her every day.
Growing up in the 90’s with Madonna singing she lives in a material world because she’s a material girl, or “You got to have a J.O.B, if you want to be with me”. And, I had a Grandmother that told me; “Make sure you have a fine education, so you can help support your family. She also told me she went to school only for a little while before she married my Grandfather and shortly after marriage she had my father in 1951.
I always pride myself in having a fine education and a good paying career to help support my family. Working a part time job and going to school full-time helps me to solidify being a modern wife.
First, you have to make sure supporting your family and being career driven is something you want to do. You want to make sure you have a two, five to six-year plan. Without a foundation becoming a modern wife and provider is impossible. The plan usually starts with college or trade school. Once you make the decision of what type of education you desire you have to start school.
Once you pick which career you are going to get into you make your schedule. Since we are becoming a modern wife, you have to make sure you have a job. This might not be exactly what you’re looking for but try to get as close as possible to your new career.
Once you have gotten comfortable on your

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