My Family Essay

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For all my life my family has been very close. My mother’s family has always been close by and we have always celebrated every holiday together, spent birthdays and we always got together to eat dinner. Even though my father’s side of the family lives scattered throughout the country we always found times to travel and see each other. We did not see each other on holidays except for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is the one time of the year I get to spend with my entire family. I always love the craziness and even though my father hates cooking for forty people he does it because it is so important to my family. He knows the only thing that matters is our family is all there and it brings us all closer for that one time of the year. My family on paper seems happy and perfect but it is not. My family has had stressful times with illness and deaths and when people thought it would tear us apart it did not it brought us all closer. My father has not seen his father since he was nine years old. He left when my aunts and uncles were just children so I never met him. I only know when he passed away because he left money for each of them. My father was raised by just his mother and she was raising five children on a teacher’s salary. My grandfather worked two jobs and made a lot of money but for some reason he only paid eighty dollars a month in child support for five children. They all were struggling when it came to paying for things. Sometimes

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