My Family Essay

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You would think the average family is both parents living in the same house and everything is fine and peachy. You go away with your family on vacations, you go to family events together and you all and all you have a good time together. In my case my family is nothing like the typically american family, my family has had a lot of problems. When i was about 10 years old in 4th grade my dad stopped living with me, my mom, and my sister. Before this happened the reason my dad left was because he found out my mom was cheating on him. At the time my parents were already having problems. My sister's sweet sixteen was coming and the day before her party my parents had a huge argument. They were fighting about money, my dad was freaking out …show more content…

I guess this led my mom to find someone who wouldn’t do this to her. Long story short my mom found herself a new boyfriend and she was eventually caught by my dad because on the house phone a call between herself and her boyfriend was recorded. Long story short, the following week, it was a tuesday morning and my dad left the apartment we were currently living in. Now let me tell you this, when my friends found out about my parents, they were oddly excited for me. The questions ranged from “oh you get two everything right” “two christmas” “two birthdays”. In reality it's true, i did get two of everything but that wasn't the point. I could care less about all of that, what bothered me and broke my heart all the time was when i would see everyone with both their parents and i was just with my mom because my dad didn’t live with me anymore. Due to this, my life started taking a huge downfall. I started getting in trouble in school, my friend group weren’t the best people, my grades were horrible, and i became very depressed. I wasn’t the only one going it through this way, so was my sister. But my sister was dealing with it differently, my sister started doing drugs to cope with the pain. My sister's drug habits became really bad, almost every other day my sister would be on some type of drug. They put her in this program that was almost like rehab but not exactly. My sister hated going and she often avoided going which just made it harder for her to get off drugs. I

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