My Family

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What would you do if one day you got the chance to look in another person's life. If you want to follow me into my loving and caring house, you will learn all about my family. You will learn what makes us unique. You will also learn about how each member is important to me. What you find out may surprise you or terrify you. One thing though that my family sticks by is a line from the disney movie lilo and stitch: “Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” So if you would like to know what it is to be in my family come and join me.
The first person I’m going to tell you about is Stacie the jokester. The reason my sister is the jokester of the family is she always tells you jokes or awful puns that make you want to laugh no matter how hard you try not to. I remember one time I was so upset when I lost my best friend that I was walking through the school and to her car crying. On the way home she kept trying to get me to smile with puns like what did the waiter say to the customer when they gave them their order, careful it’s fishy. When she got me laughing she was happy because she made me happy. Whenever I am in a bad mood she can sense it and starts telling puns and jokes. She will also walk around in public and tell people she meets her puns and jokes to make them happy. She also will end up making a joke if someone starts to say something that is related to something she has heard or seen. That is why Stacie is and always will be

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