My Family

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My life was stereotypical. A mom, a dad, a brother, and a dog. A nuclear family was what it was. House with a white picket fence. My days consisted of being in my fantasy world. Where stuffed animals were pets and they had their own little families. Where I spent hours finding creepy crawlies in the woods. Where watching my dad’s favorite show was considered quality time. But that fence was only an illusion. Like many other families, that white fence kept in more than just the family dog. It contained the secrets and lies. It hid the reputation of an unfaithful father. It created an illusion of unity within our family.
Tears streamed down my red stained face. Wetting my cheeks then falling off the peak of my chin onto the collar of my favorite pajamas. The small drops created translucent circles on the material. I sat wondering the fate of my family. Questioning everything that had just happened. My small mind trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle but only ending up with a picture that didn’t make sense. My lungs gasped for air. Only small amounts made their way through each shaken breath. My eye became foggy from the next wave of tears. The constant thumping in my head proceeded. Thump. Thump. Thump. I wish it would stop. I wish my tears would stop. Just everything needs to stop. Stop. From the eyes of another parent my display of sadness may have looked like a tantrum of a spoiled brat and not the empty display of a child who feels lost. Questions pierced my

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