My Family And Beloved Friends

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Every year me and my dearest family and beloved friends would embark on a journey to my long deceased Uncle’s manor.My uncle died in the year 1867 at the age of eighty, the doctors never quite understood how he died but when he was found the maid said that he was holding a picture of tree which stood in the house gardens.However this picture was never seen after the maid put it on the mantelpiece after his death, nor the tree. As I woke up I could already smell the sweet scent of freshly baked bread coming from the bakers across the road.I could also hear a faint pattering on my downstairs door.As I tentatively stepped down each step the pattering began to embark on a crescendo, louder and louder it got until it became a banging.I…show more content…
Slowly the horse took me on an hour journey to the boat port just a few miles up from where i live.When we got there i saw a steam boat waiting for the passengers ,as well as my dear party.The driver got my bags and opened the door for me however as he opened the door he hid his eyes and face and only nodded as an informal good day,but even stranger i saw that when he was walking to get my baggage that he was trying to hide an injury to his leg.I got only a glimpse of the cut but it was deep and it had a peculiarity about it,it wasn’t like being scratched by a dog or cat more like something that someone had done to him.Despite this event i tried to stop thinking about it and instead tried to embrace the spirit of the group.As i walked up the stairs i turned around to see if the driver was still their but as i turned around i saw that he was lying on the ground and looked as if he was having an apoplectic shock, i tried to rush down the stairs again to see if he was ok but i was blocked by tourists.Eventually i gave up and walked to join my party but again i turned around to see if he was being taken care of but he wasn’t there neither was his cart only his horse.And as i stepped through the portico of the ship, a picture of a garden flew past me.All i could see was that it had been cut and or
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