My Family Holiday

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Today was going to be one of the most irritating days for my family and we didn't know it. We thought our family holiday was going great, there hadn't been any arguments that cause my mother to say, “ That's it, pack everything!, I’ve had enough, we’re going back home”. Even if she had said that,I would highly doubt that she would have packed the car to drive ten hours back home. The last full day of our trip was today, so we decided to visit friends of my parents, Bruce and Martha. Their house was around an hour away from the caravan park, so we started preparing for our mini trip, finally about half an hour later, we were ready to leave. We climb into our petite black car and set off driving along the little road out of the site.Driving along happily looking out the window at all the brightly fresh green grassed fields catching a glance of the mixture of cars pass by my window. As we near our destination, we turn off up this little road that led us beneath a large bridge. The road had a slight twist and my stomach felt like a field of butterflies. Around a sharp bend, Into sight I noticed a sign that reads “Welcome to Portsmouth”. My father’s face looked astonished as he saying aloud “ I'm surprised we made it, without any problems”, well he spoke to soon. Around the corner, I noticed a few run down pubs and restaurants, reaching a set of traffic lights and of course we ended up getting stop at the red light. It felt like everyone and their Grandmother got through except

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