My Family Moved From Ho Chi Minh City

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Have you ever thought about moving your whole family to another country? If you did so, what are the reasons to do that? We chose to move because in our country they have crisis, they are too poor, they have worse education and a lot of reasons that we cannot tell. After moving to another country, we might see a lot of differences between our old country and the new country. I and my family moved from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Minnesota because we believe that I and my brother will have better education, better chance for a bright future. Since we moved here, I have seen a lot of differences between two of them and the most significant differences are the university life, the size and the weather.
First is the university life. In Minnesota we can pick any subject that we feel interested in and have a lot of activities to do with the university community. We also spend less time at school and more time at home for homework, chores and family responsibilities. In Minnesota, the college and university help us a lot preparing for our future, and the tuition fees are paid thanks to the Financial Aid for citizens. But Ho Chi Minh City on the contrary, there, we do not have choices for our subjects, we have to pick our major as soon as we roll up for an university or a college and then we have to study the subjects they gave us without any choice. In Ho Chi Minh City, we also have to spend a lot of time at school for almost entire day, five to six days a week and we only have
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