My Family Narrative Essay

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The day my family and I moved here to Moreno Valley I never expected the things I would learn and how much I would change. I was around ten when my family decided to pack up and move from our home in Santa Ana. We came here around winter and we never experienced so much cold. before. We were so surprised that even the water in the garden hose was frozen. I remember going to my first day in my new elementary school. I was quite nervous when we arrived. On that day plenty of things didn't go as I thought they would. I'm able to recall that day quite well actually. "Excuse me, Mrs. Torres, your new student is here." The nice lady said as she walked inside. I trailed behind her silently contemplating if I should run back to the office with my parents. It was a scary thing going to a new school where you knew no one. I stopped in front of her and stood there stiff as stone and with my eyes glued to the ground as she spoke with the teacher. I knew if I looked up I would be met with the eyes of the whole class, and that was something I wouldn't enjoy at all. The teacher was currently in middle of a lesson when I arrived. 'Great. Late on my first-day, that's a great way to start off my day.' I thought a bit mad that I had to walk into class almost an hour late. Not mentioning the fact that it was already the second quarter of the school year. The teacher looked down at me and greeted me with a smile, although me being a shy introverted child. I barely returned the smile back.
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