My Family Essay

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I consider myself very lucky based off the childhood I had, but, that doesn't mean everything was outstanding for me. I've had uncountable ups and downs, i've had friends that have come and gone, and school was definitely no ride for me. One thing I have had ever since I was a baby, is a one of a kind family, and I can guarantee you no one has one like this. My family is definitely not small in any means, one thing that makes this family so special is that we are not biologically related but related through putting our faith in Jesus Christ. We are one as a whole, but, the one thats had the major impact on me is our smaller family, and that small family would be none other than my church family.
Let's start with my oh so thrilling begging at First Southern Baptist (my church), like I was saying, I started there when I was around one so I don't remember a ton. One thing that still sticks with me was that Harry and Jolea Taylor were the first people that ever told me a bible story and introduced me to what Sunday school was. One of my other favorite teachers was Cathy and that was when I was in 1st grade, She taught me so many bible stories and taught me so many things. A couple others that were my favorites were Lynda (3rd grade) and Kevin (5th and 6th grade.) So through my time in the nursery to 6th grade children's program it was a blast and I got told so many cool and new bible stories.
From the 5th and 6th grade class I got to move into the youth group, at first I was

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