My Family Never Forget

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At that moment, I wondered, what happened to me? In a classroom setting, there are various types of students. The ones who stay silent and doesn’t speak up, the ones who never pay attention, but is rarely caught, the ones who love to participate and make the class known that they are important. Hard to believe, but I was once one of those talkative children who obsessed about getting my thoughts across. However, why did that change? For the past years, I’ve wondered, how did I abruptly change without even noticing? Although many things change every year, celebrating my birthday is an important day my family never forgets, or at least, I make sure they don’t forget. Forgetting my fourth birthday was something I’ve tried but failed to succeed. The front yard of the house was decorated with colorful streamers, tents, and even a tiny pool which at the time, looked like the size of the ocean. Everything was perfect until a mischievous rock tripped me and left an awful birthday present. Luckily, I was a year older, which meant I knew how to use a band-aid. A little discouraged about nobody caring about well-being, I decided to stick a perky smile on my face and join the rest of my family. Did it only get worse? There was a sweet smell of vanilla batter and cake frosting; therefore, I rushed over to a dreadful sight. Everyone was eating my birthday cake without singing to me first. Surprisingly, I was more devastated about my parents forgetting that I didn’t like vanilla. After

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