My Family

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“Work hard, never give up, and most importantly, always stay humble and kind”, these are just a few words my father would say to me when he had the chance or felt that I needed to hear that. My mother would say, “Mickey, as long as you believe in yourself, you can do anything”. To this day, I live my life through proverbs, quotes, and advice from a variety of people. I am very family-oriented. Most of the things I do is in hopes that I can augment some type of valuable contribution to my family and others. To begin to tell my story, I will first start by talking about the people who had the biggest influence on my life.
Everything my parents have done, has been for my siblings and I to receive a higher education. From pre-school, up until the fifth grade, my mom would sit down and help me with my homework. If she did not understand something I would have to wait for my dad to come home from work and ask him. They did the best they could; however, once I began junior high, my parents were no longer able to help me. Books, teachers, and peers were the resources I turned to when I could not comprehend a new topic. My parents bought me books that would have practice problems, writing prompts and examples with explanations, and science experiments. Quickly I realized that if I wanted to excel in my academics, I had to find new ways to learn and understand the material. In the sixth grade was when I developed a passion for mathematics.
Math was exciting and challenging, yet felt

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