My Family

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Losing a loved one is never easy. There will be pain and heartache. There will be Days where you do not want to get out of bed in the morning, and days where you just feel angry. I know when my family was struggling with the Loss of my baby brother, though he was just a few days old, it was unquestionably heartbreaking. Seeing my mom in the depressed state that she was in made me cling to her and I refused to leave her side for a long time after his passing. I know that I am not in your exact situation, and I will never fully understand, but I hope that I can provide at least some kind of comfort in this time of loss that you and your family are experiencing. When I was 9 years old, my mom announced to my sister and I that she was pregnant with a baby boy and was due in just 5 months. We jumped up and down with excitement and could not wait for this baby to arrive. We spent the next 5 months picking out names, clothes, diapers, and even decorations for his room. We spent many hours trying to get things ready for baby Keanan to arrive. While we were shopping for things for him, My mom bought me a teddy bear. It was all brown, about 12 inches tall, and had a white mouth and black nose. I named him Keanan after my soon-to-be little brother. I couldn’t wait for Keanan to meet the bear I had just named after him. The day was here and boy were we all ready. My mom went into labor and we rushed to the hospital. Due to complications, she wound up needing to have a C-section. As

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