My Family Practices : Bonnie Liang And I Am Chinese Born Canadian

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I am Bonnie Liang and I am Chinese born Canadian. My family practices Buddhism, however, asides from the main festivities that are celebrated, I have to admit that I do not know much about my own culture. My parents know more than me about the traditions that should be followed. Even so, because we live in Canada now, there are also many Canadian customaries that have been included into our lives. Holidays, such as Christmas, are not normally celebrated in the Chinese culture, but my Family has merged this holiday into it. New years is also supposedly celebrated according to the traditional Chinese calendar, which varies on any day between January and February. My family used to only celebrate the new year according to the Chinese calendar, but we now celebrate new years twice a year. The combination of my Chinese and Canadian background has developed a very unique macrosystem (Bronfenbrenner) for me.
I have a large family which makes me very family oriented. On the contrary, because my family is so large, there are many times where it is difficult for my whole family to be in the same place at once. The period of my toddlerhood, was right before my dad opened his own business. My family size was smaller then, and it was easier to spend time together. However, once my dad started his own business, he was always working. Overload of work caused him to have social withdrawal, a decline in social and emotional responsiveness, towards my sisters and I (Evans & Wachs, 2010, p.

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