My Family : The Most Important Foundation Of My Life

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Throughout my life there has been many things that hold me up and keep me strong. My church, this school, and all the friends I have here are just to name a few. But the one I want to show you today is one of the most important foundations of my life, and that is my family and how they have helped me enjoy the great times and persevere through the hard trials, and what a true blessing families are in all of our lives. I come from a family of six: my parents, my two brothers, my sister, and me. In addition to my personal family, I have a very large extended family with many cousins my age and aunts and uncles that never miss an opportunity to joke around with me. From seeing my relatives at coffee and dinner on Sundays, you can sometimes…show more content…
Families gather together for the good times, and on the flip side, the bad times. We had Sunday coffee at our house one day and everyone had just left. I was vacuuming and my mom was doing the dishes. All of the sudden she screamed and grabbed her wrist. She yelled at my dad to call 911. I turned off my vacuum and walked over to her, not that worried because I had no idea how bad her cut was. I looked around and there blood had shot pretty far away. I started to realise just how bad this cut was. Her other hand was squeezing her wrist so hard that she stopped most of the bleeding. An ambulance arrived and they put a tourniquet on her arm to stop all blood flow. They looked at the cut and they found the glass that had given it to her. The glass had a sharp edge with a length of 1 and a half inches and that went into her wrist, cutting her radial artery (which is a main artery if you didn’t know), and it had cut completely cut through a tendon. We went to the hospital and they did microsurgery to fix the artery, but they could not fix the tendon, so she still today has a weak wrist. Our family was with her and we gave her comfort with the hospital visits, and then meals from our extended family and other families were delivered to help us out. I don’t know what we would have done without everyone that was there to help our family in our time of trouble. To wrap my speech up, I just wanted to tell you and
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