My Life Of My Family

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My family has played a big roll in what makes me, me. After God, family is number one in my life. I believe that without them, I simply wouldn't be who I am today. My immediate family has shaped me into the women I have become. They love me, and want the best for me. I have an uncle who truly means the best for everyone and everything, however, that isn't what he necessarily gives us. He messes up, and has made some terrible decisions. Just like anyone, right? His story is different. Let's start off by saying he has five boys, with three different women. He has abused not only his body with drugs and alcohol but also relationships, leading to separation from all of his kids and the women who he thought he had loved at some point in his life. He has spent many years in jail, coming out more depressed then when he went in. He was left living on the streets with no shelter and no food or money to provide for himself. His life is lived in depression. His oldest son, Cole, passed away in 2016 from an overdose on drugs. I believe if he had a better father figure in his life, his life would have been set on a better path. Cole was someone who was so loving, and the day I found out he had passed, I was devastated. I didn't want to believe that someone so great had made a mistake and accidentally took his life because of it. I will always look up to Cole because of his love for others, and regret the decision he made on March 4, 2016. I don't tell you all of this so I can try to

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