My Family : The Most Significant Events In My Life

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In everybody’s life, something happens that impacts them greatly. It may be a death of a close friend, or possibly moving to a new town. One of the most important people in my life is my sister, Jessica. For me, my sister moving into college was the most significant event in my life. Her going to college improved our relationship, even though neither of us knew that it could get any better than it already was. My sister has been there for me since day one and we cherish memories that I will hold close to my heart forever. Some of my favorite memories are when we go on family trips. Most of the time, my sister and I end up getting annoyed with our parents so we go off and do our own thing for a little while. Two years ago in the Bahamas, us two decided to have our own little picnic on the beach at night. It was one of the most peaceful moments that I have shared with my sister. We also grew up playing sports together. My sister and I both played basketball and softball together and were on the same teams for numerous years. It was nice having someone I trusted to tell me different aspects of my game that I could improve. The memories that I have with her are abundant and I always look forward to seeing her just so we can create some more. All along, I knew that she would have to eventually leave for college, but I took the summer before she left for granted. It wasn’t until I was helping her pack up all of her stuff that I realized I would not have her by my side

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