My Father And My Mother

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I grew up with my mother and brother. My mother always wanted the best for us and she went through a lot to give us what she didn’t have. For a few years when I was about five years old, I had my brother to support and care for me. At the age of 7 or 8, I didn’t really have the bond that brothers have, but at least I knew he would be there when I truly needed him. mean we never hanged out, we rarely talked to one another, he was always doing his own thing while I did mine. I expected a bond that he would always talk to me, a person I could ask for advice, a person that was easy to talk to but it was never possible. The person I truly admired was my mom. I never understood how difficult it could be to raise two boys without a …show more content…

My mom made me independent and organized which I started to display in school. I learn how to be organized which made me a lot more productive in school, I had everything well organized and was always well prepared. I never lost time when looking for my supplies. This is something I’ve been caring with me and continue to do for example all the papers we receive in school some people just shove them in their backpack but I know it would just save me a lot more time if I just put them in the folder I have specifically for that class. Even though my mom wasn't always there I know I was being supported by her. She has always supported me in education and wants me to go to college. She has sacrificed so much not only for me but also for my brother, and has been wanting the best for us. Although it’s very difficult to make it to the college I would like to attend, my mom has went through a lot to get my brother there. And still continues to go through a lot so I can make it to college. She is what made me stronger and stay focus on my education. Once I got to high school, it was more challenging. I had to wake up even earlier, it felt like every day was a challenge, but it got easier overtime. What was still difficult was not having enough sleep every day I would be asleep by 11 or later and will have to wake up at 5, so sometimes I would only sleep 5 to 6 hours. I really didn't have time to

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