My Father Is A Hero

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When I think of a hero I think of a strong person who cares about the things they believe. Thay care about others around them. They help the people in need. They stand for what is right. This is why my dad became my hero. My dad is a great man. he grew up in a small town. In the same place i grew up. He was born 61 years ago. He grew up as a hard worker on a mountain herding sheep. He later met my mom and they got married. Later on in his life he develop lyme disease and is now currently functionally blind has extreme anxiety and depression. Fro as long I have known he has been kind hearted, service oriented, and has had a good perspective on life.

Some of the things that I look up to my dad is how he treats others around him. Sometime he might seem a little scary and intimidating, but every time he goes to town he makes someones day. He always compliments them or puts joy into their lives. Most the time when he does this he does not know the person and has never met this person. I also look upto on how caring he is about everyone. One time we went down to mexico and we went to a part where there is not much money and it is poor and not many people have houses. My family and i went into a shop and was looking around the people who owned the shop was a father and a daughter and no mother the lived and sleep in this shop too. When we left we went to another shop across the street and my ad went back into the previous shop we was in. he went and gave the daughter

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