My Father Is Someone Who Cares For You

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A Grandfather is someone that cares for you. Someone that spoils you. They give us great advice and make us want to become better people. They have a great sense of humor and always have stories to tell us. My Grandfather was always there for me and was the greatest Grandpa ever, or so I thought. Everything I thought and was raised up to believe of him was about to change. Believe him and my family, or believe everything my Mother had said about him? Who to believe, if anyone at all.
It all started when my Mother and Father got divorced when I was six. Each of them were trying to gain custody of my two brothers and me. Being at such a young age, we didn’t really know what was going on. My Father go remarried as well as my Mother. My mom would divorce and remarry my stepdad over and over. She was also disabled so she couldn’t work. We ended up moving in with my grandparents on my Mother’s side. When this happened, I would spend a lot of time with my Grandpa. He was always taking us on adventures. We would go fishing and hiking with him all the time. He even let us take one of the catfish home that we caught and put it in the little pool we had to keep as a pet. He was a construction guy. He owned a rundown building in Covington. He would have us come over there for as long as I could remember to help him out. He taught me how to hang drywall and tape up and mud also. I loved hanging out with him. All of this was about to change though for he was soon

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