My Father Who Has Influenced My Personality

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A side from my sister, other person who also influenced my personality was my dad. According to my mom, a couple of months after I was born my grandmother got involve in a serious car accident. After, this episode my dad took the responsibility of her and my grandparent resumed into moving to Nvo. Laredo from McAllen Tx. For my dad, his family has always been his first reason to look up to. Since, then along with many other actions that my father has made to help others not only our family increased my awareness to care about the ones in need. Although, I don’t like to mention the good actions I have made to help others, my mom has always tell me “you are just like your dad” and by that say she means everything of me, even my…show more content…
After that episode, I became to be more to be more reserve with other people. Besides increasing my awareness of my surroundings, I felt that isolation from society a better way to remain safe. One of the greatest ways to learn from my mistakes and learn from my decisions was right after I graduated from high school and started college. As it is known every decision taken will surely have a consequence. My plans once in college were mainly about finishing every semester successfully, however, issues will always happened while in the reach of a goal. Three years, ago I decided to start working because I need a car in order to be able to take either morning or late afternoon classes since at that time we used to have only one car, and we needed to coordinate our times so everyone can be on time. Although, the fact of staring a job was not very exciting for my mom to hear, I ignored my mom advices about how difficult is to manage is school and work by getting a full time on both. In some way, I managed to handle both, however, as I was advancing in school the classes became to be harder along with work responsibilities. On fall of 2015, I failed one of my classes because I didn’t put all the effort required to pass the course since the previous month I got promoted from my job leaving at the side my school responsibilities. After finding out my grade I became depressed since not only felt
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