A Person That Has Had A Profound Impact On Me During My

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A person that has had a profound impact on me during my time here at Virginia Commonwealth University is Rachel Wasilewski. Rachel is the Senior Recruiter for the School of Engineering. I first met Rachel after I received an email from the Welcome Center in the School of Engineering, requesting volunteers to help run Open House for prospective students and their families. She was one of the first staff members at VCU that shaped my collegiate experience in a positive manner. Over the past three years and 13 Open Houses later, I have gotten very close to her and have developed a very meaningful relationship. I chose to write about Rachel because she has provided me with the guidance and support needed to persevere through the grueling years …show more content…

Rachel is very modest and never uses her position to substantiate what she is trying to do for the recruitment organization. She only does this in some instances when she is trying to get the attention of students before an event. Because of her easy going and timid personality (at times) this ends up causes some issues because students have begun to take advantage of this and tend to slack off. Rachel heavily relies on reward power to gain potential student volunteers every year. By participating as an Engineering Ambassador students are provided with engineering promotional items to sport while on tours and on Open House days such as t-shirts, polo’s, and fleece jackets. She also provides breakfast and lunch for all volunteers that participate in our large Open Houses and admitted student days. When analyzing Rachel’s personality against the “BIG 5 Personalities with Specific Traits”, she fits under the “Agreeableness” category. She consistently embodies this personality and is very cheerful and nurturing. Through this personality she has gained a lot of conceptual and interpersonal skills in her line of work. When it comes to the traits related to effective leadership, there are two traits in particular that she is not able to embody due to her personality. Because Rachel is extremely nice and loves to engage in meaningful conversations with everyone, she has a very high need for affiliation and really cares about what people think of her. This can be

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