Holocaust Survivors Essay

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Holocaust Survivors

Who survived the holocaust? What are their lives like today? What has been the government's response towards those who survived after World War II? Have the survivors kept their faith? How has the survivors next generation been affected? The survivors of the holocaust were deeply effected by the trauma they encountered. This unforgettable experience influenced their lives, those around them, and even their descendants.

When the infamous Hitler began his reign in Germany in 1933, 530,000 Jews were settled in his land. In a matter of years the amount of Jews greatly decreased. After World War II, only 15,000 Jews remained. This small population of Jews was a result of inhumane killings and also the fleeing of
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A voluntary relief organization was issued. This group collected food, clothing, and other goods to help those persecuted Jews get back on their feet. They also offered special housing to allow the survivors a place to start again. Along with this relief program, a new legislation was created to return confiscated Jewish assets to their lawful owners. The German government even began paying the returning victims $1,500 to show their sympathy. Though these programs helped Jews, Germans needed to develop a new attitude to earn respect from the Jews. To state the government's new intentions in writing, Article III was created and added to the German constitution, called the Grundgesetz. This addition solemnly proclaimed the "equality of all men before the law: no one could be discriminated against because of sex, race, nationality, ethnic origins, faith, or political views". However, most Germans and Jews wanted action, instead of merely a declaration of what should be done. In order to take action towards their goal of equality, the whole community needed education in "the spirit of human and religious tolerance". 3

The holocaust greatly effected the population of the Jews and their families. The Jew mortality rate after the second World War was two times that of the general German population. This was due to health problems provoked during the holocaust and the persecution on their will to
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