My Father's Psychodynamic Approach

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He was born on a sunny spring morning on May 2nd 1989 at 10:30am, before or during birth he had a stroke causing semi paralysis of his right side. At this point his father knew that he was going to be his sons rock. He was ready to protect him throughout his life. He had to stay in the ICU for 2 weeks, his dad never left his side.

One day the doctor walks in and says to his dad “Sir the best option is to amputate his right arm at the shoulder, and said that his right side would never grow and he will never be able to walk.” well as you can imagine this didn't sit to well with his dad. He grabbed the doctor and threw him up against the wall and said “you're not cutting my sons arm off, so you better take that thought and shove it up your ass”

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