My Favorite Art Class

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I am always full of passion in my favorite thing--drawing. Besides, I also go to some foundation art classes to train my art skills. After I start my life in school, art class is always my favorite class. I even thought that art can be a part of my future. Unfortunately, reality is brutal. Most of the student in my country were been told that they have to choose the department that can offer them a good job. Most of the people also believed that having a nice job is the only way to earn a lot of money, and also been known as succeed. When I’m in senior high school, I am also good at math, science and geology. I always get good grades in these courses. But why the art is not in these courses? In my country, art is not the main subject of the education, it only be categorize as a class that can make school learning not so boring. So after I finished the big exam in my last year of my senior high school, I use my final score to choose the department—Electrical Engineering— that everyone think is good but I don’t really …show more content…

At the beginning, though I don’t know what to do, everyone says that electrical engineering have a lot of course teaching us how to build a robot or writing some interesting games. But those thing that I imaging didn’t happened. In the department, there are only lots of fundamental classes, just like high school, but it is harder and abstracter. I know that these foundation class is really important, but I can’t just really understand it. Furthermore, most of my classmates are already ready for the electrical engineering, they had already participate in some engineering camp since they were in high school. Not like those who are already for the college, I am struggle in the class. Fortunately, I am a person who never gives up, I still try my best to act like I am good at engineering. The best way is to get a great score, also make my parents proud of

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