My Favorite Grandmother

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My grandma was always a hard working person. But to see her eyes glisten in the sun as tears streamed down her face like a waterfall. It touched me. She was such a tough, you can't hurt me, kind of personality. Furthermore, not only did I feel touched because she is my favorite grandma, but I have never seen her cry before. She always was that person to be able to stand up when no one else would, be kind when everyone else was mean, and stay dedicated and brave when all thought was lost. Kind yet stubborn. Her name was Shannon. Shannon Rhoda. Her entire life has been hard work. As I saw her just let loose and cry I knew how much her mother meant to her. For if I ever lost my mother I would do the same. But this was unlike her to do this. Which made it even more memorable. It was a special moment I will always remember Before all this could happen we planned a trip. For Christmas, she gave my parents, siblings, and me a ticket in a card. The cards were sitting on the fireplace. She wasn't able to be there because she worked but I can still remember that when everyone knew what was going on we dropped all our presents and screamed for joy. It was going to be the most memorable experience ever. It sure was. My grandparents and aunt helped clean my great grandma’s house out. She died and we were going to stay at her house while we were in California. We wanted to keep it so now it's a family vacation house. She used to always take her kids to Disneyland so my grandma

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