My Favorite Incarnation Of Star Trek

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Jung and the Archetypes: “The Enemy Within”
“Whoever the hero may be, he or she journeys for us, carries us metaphorically into our darker side, […] where the monsters inside of us take on terrifyingly real forms, where our deepest wishes sometimes are fulfilled.” (Leeming 203, 204).
I’ve always been drawn to hero quests. One of my favorites is Star Trek, though it isn’t a typical hero quest. The stories of each incarnation of Star Trek are thought provoking explorations of the human psyche on both societal and individual levels, often taking on contemporary social issues and setting them in the future with aliens playing the part of the good guys almost as often as they are the villains. My favorite incarnation of Star Trek is the original series, filmed in the late 1960s. The hero archetype of this series is Captain James T. Kirk, who was both ordinary (born in Iowa) and extraordinary (youngest Captain in Starfleet history). (Kirk). However, he was not necessarily always a good man; he cheated on a test that was supposed to show the character of future commanders by how they handle a no-win scenario. (Kobayashi).
Many episodes explored Kirk’s darker side, but one episode was very literal, “The Enemy Within”. The following is a brief synopsis of the episode:
“With his landing party stranded on a lethally cold planet, Kirk is 'split ' into two Kirks, one evil, and one good. The good Kirk, weak because he lacks half of his persona, does not know that his evil Twin is
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