Star Trek: The Original Series

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  • A Comparison Between Star Trek And Star Wars

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    fictional space travel. Of the numerous cosmic entertainment franchises, Star Trek and Star Wars undoubtedly claim the title of the two most successful, and with great power comes great controversy. As long as the two franchises have existed, Star Trek and Star Wars have sparked some of the most intense conflicts that could possibly occur between nerds. With lightsabers in hand and phasers set to stun, Star Wars and Star Trek ignite battles at the box office, with critics and among super fans to ultimately

  • The Themes And Differences Of Star Wars And Star Trek

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    Star Wars and Star Trek are both a part of the science fiction genre and are about space exploration. They both take place in the far reaches of the galaxies, on unique planets with imaginative and distinct species. In both series the planets are united in some way, Star Trek has The United Federation of Planets and Star Wars has the Galactic Empire. They both have a ship that they are famous for, Star Wars has the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star while Star Trek has the USS Enterprise. Each

  • Star Trek Racism

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    Natalie Ertz English 2100 Star Trek and Racism Star Trek is one of the most successful and lasting entertainment franchises of all time. While it takes place in a futuristic society, the series explores issues that were widespread in the time of it’s making. This includes one of the most prevalent issues of our time: racism. Thanks to the, at the time, radical philosophy of Gene Roddenberry, the show attracted a large audience. The adventurous and utopian society made many people hope for a future

  • The Star Trek Phenomenon

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    History of TV Star Trek The phenomenon that is Star Trek began on September 8, 1966 on NBC. From that night on, America would forever be different. At a point in time where the cowboys were falling from the small screen and science fiction was on the rise. However, there has and never been and will never another be a program as well known as Star Trek. The first time the show aired, it only saw 3 years before NBC canceled the show, and almost 20 years went past before it re-aired in its new

  • My Favorite Incarnation Of Star Trek

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    my favorites is Star Trek, though it isn’t a typical hero quest. The stories of each incarnation of Star Trek are thought provoking explorations of the human psyche on both societal and individual levels, often taking on contemporary social issues and setting them in the future with aliens playing the part of the good guys almost as often as they are the villains. My favorite incarnation of Star Trek is the original series, filmed in the late 1960s. The hero archetype of this series is Captain James

  • The Impact Of Television And Its Impact On Society

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    inventions in society. An electronic, an experience, or even a thought that pop into someone’s head could have been inspired by something seen on television. Star Trek, a science fiction tv series, is becoming known for contributing in the inspiration of multiple inventions in modern society. In an scene from Star Trek: The Original Series, in an episode titled “The Apple”, Spock steps in the way of poisonous darts to save Captain Kirk. After Spock has fallen to the ground, Kirk uses him “Communicator”

  • The Difference Between Star Trek And Star Wars

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    In the long-running debate over the Star-Trek-or-Star-Wars conflict, both sides have presented rational, strong arguments on why one show is better than the other. Star Trek argues for the storyline, while Star Wars is known typically for its visuals. However, what distinguishes the two genres from one another is the complexity and overall meaning behind the films. What really defines and separates Star Trek from Star Wars is its pro-technology stance, the diverse lead of characters, and the primary

  • Reflection Essay On Football

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    At one point we despised each other. We acted and thought he same things yet, hearing the other talk just irritated us. Everything I was interested in, he was interested in; and so we became very competitive. Furthermore, in high school we began practicing with each other just to compete. We studied together just to see who would understand the lesson better. We went to leadership and military trainings together just to push to be the better cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. This competitive spirit

  • Analysis of the TV Program Star Trek Essay

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    become legendary on September 8, 1966 at 8:30 PM on NBC. America was never the same after Star Trek made its debut that night. The series did not receive the recognition it deserved until it was canceled after only three years and later returning in syndication. However, Star Trek was never an ordinary science fiction program to begin with. Comparison to other programs in this genre is difficult because Star Trek is certainly not an unconventional science fiction program- it is a science fiction program

  • Major Key Roles Of Social Media In The 21st Century

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    Social Media plays a huge and major key role with our lives as human beings in this day and age of the 21st century. The role that social media plays is that millions of people could connect and meet all over the world on one website or one app to meet others of the same interest, and other topics that they enjoy or love such as video games, reading, board games, mathematics, etc. . Horrifically, over the years criticism began on the dawn of social media has caused a spread of rumors, fear, and disgust