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As a child, I didn’t really enjoy reading. To be honest, I don’t believe many people did. The main reason why I didn’t really enjoy reading is I wasn’t very good at it. In my early years of middle school, it always seemed as if everyone else around me was better. Reading has always intimidated me, I never understood what I was ‘actually reading’. If I could get away with not having to ever read, I would. Most of the time, I only read when I had too. Which was usually at least once a week. My mom always encouraged my siblings and I to read to expand our vocabulary. At first, I thought it was a waste of time. Over time, I actually noticed that the more I read, the better my writing became. My first book ever was about a fish. “One fish, Two…show more content…
As I began to read this book, I started to realize I didn’t want to put it down. Before I realized, I was reading the last page wishing it wasn’t over. The book brought me to a whole new world, yet I could still relate to so much. I made many connections with this book, and it helped me figure out certain things about myself.
Chris Guillebeau brought the idea of finding purpose in life into perspective. This journey includes working to accomplish your goals and seeking out to find adventure. This book enabled me to start setting goals for myself, and figuring out what I want to succeed in the next few years. One major goal I had set for myself at the time was to graduate and continue to further my education. I had originally planned to attend Mississippi State, not knowing that they didn’t have a nursing program. I then found out senior year, and then planned to attend Kennesaw State. I want to pursue a career in nursing. At first, the journey to this goal had seemed difficult. Chris Guillebeau stated in his book, “Not everyone needs to believe in your dream, but you do”. This quote made me realize that it really doesn’t matter if other people believe if I can do it or not, but only if I believe if I can do it. “Happiness of Pursuit” opened my eyes to see something very important. A lot of people link their happiness with something else, such as love. We all want to receive love and give out love. This
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