Personal Narrative: My Literacy Experience At Home

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Ever since I was younger I have always tried staying away from reading. The only person in my family that likes to read is my mom; however, she does not read often. Once she picks up a book, she cannot put it down. My dad on the other hand, never picks up a book. He and I are one in the same; we do not like reading because we have a hard time comprehending what we read. My brother also does not like to read. He does not like reading because he has a learning disability. My mom always had an extremely tough time getting him to read. Overall, my literacy experiences at home are few and far between. When I entered kindergarten my reading journey began. I was introduced to the alphabet and three-letter sight words. Then in first grade my teacher would sit down with a…show more content…
I spent a year in an elementary firth grade classroom and I learned the importance of reading. I watched as students that were in fifth grade chose accelerated reader books that were first and second grade levels and it broke my heart. I also examined students that were placed in tier two groups struggle to follow a reading passage that was below their grade level. It was at this point that I chose to make reading a priority in my future. There is a bible verse that I stumbled across that says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6 King James Version). If I lead by example and teach my students to love reading, they eventually will. My new favorite hobby is to go to thrift stores and yard sales and locate children’s books. I want to collect as many books, for my future classroom, that consist of multiple reading levels and various genres. I also plan on reading each of the books that I find so, that I can first read what I am asking my students to read. While I still do not love reading, I am learning to love reading so that I can set an example for my future
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