My Favorite Mistake In Life

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My favorite mistake was when I was three years old and I put my fingers in a fan because I was curious of what would happen. My mom always told me not to, but I didn’t know why she would warn me so much. No one was in the living room besides my sister. It was a hot afternoon during late August 2007 and she was going to turn eight in about a month. She was busy doing her homework in the living room so I didn’t want to annoy her by asking her what would happen if I were to put my fingers in the fan. She was looking forward to her birthday. I remember the fan was a circular and tall and it had old metal blades.
I put my fingers in the fan and its blades were really fast and they cut my right middle finger and a part of that nail. My sister moved me away from the fan when she heard me crying, but my finger was already cut. It was bleeding a lot and I was scared. I thought I was going to bleed to death and I had to go to the hospital. I got surgery and they said I was going to be ok if I wore a bandage for a few weeks, and I did. That was my first surgery in my life. I was anxious and I didn’t know what to expect in a surgery. Surprisingly, the surgery didn’t hurt. They put me to sleep and by the time I woke up, my nail had stitches. I didn’t see my family in the room and I thought they had abandoned me. That bandage would get really annoying sometimes and I was so bored because I couldn’t draw or write for a few weeks. Days felt so much longer and I could only play a few

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