My Favorite Pet Essay

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Are you planning to own a dog as your favorite pet? According to a recent study conducted, at least 80% of households in the US and Australia have one dog in their compound. If you want to own a dog and don’t know where to start, then you have come to the right place. This article will give you all the information about choosing a dog and how to prepare to bring it home.

It is important to choose a dog breed that will adapt to the climatic conditions of your region. Puppies also require to be trained adequately. But if you do not have resources, then you can opt to acquire an adult dog.

There are many fascinating facts that have been discovered about dogs. Many people have owned dogs because of the mutual companionship it offers. A dog is a good friend who accompanies you wherever you go. It makes you to interact more with your friends when it escorts you than when you are alone.

Several studies have proved that having a dog as a pet helps to reduce signs of depression.
Your anxieties will surely fade away when stroking your favorite pet. Having a well-mannered dog enables you to relax comfortably.

Having a dog motivates and encourages you to follow your daily fitness routine. It keeps you on your toes not to skip a single workout. Of course! Your dog needs to exercise daily, like you do! Why can’t you play with it and achieve your workout goals faster?

Spending your leisure time with your dog increases your Oxytocin hormone. This is a love hormone that is known to
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