Camp Hurontario

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Camp Hurontario My favourite place in the world is Camp Hurontario located in the Georgian Bay directly next to the Massassauga provincial park. This is an area that I feel very strongly about because of the influential effect it has had on my life and the way it makes me feel whenever I go back. When choosing Camp Hurontario as my favourite place I went back to look at our class definitions on the ideas of place and space to help my choice. “Place is defined as a portion of geographical space occupied by a person or thing”(Duncan 1981), structured by the locale, location and the structure of feeling. Using the idea of place outlined by Duncan above I can define my favourite place through landscape, culture, and history.
When thinking about my favourite place a lot of thought went into the landscape of the areas that I was choosing, thinking about distinctive features that drew me back to this particular region. In terms of Camp Hurontario not much has changed of the natural landscape in its seventy five year history except for building and expansion on the island, although it has come a long way from what is was before being purchased. D.W Meinig explains to us in “The Beholding Eye,” stating “Nature provides a stage. The earth is a platform, but lf thereon is furnished with man’s effects so extensively that you cannot find a scrap of pristine nature.” (Meinig 36) the relationship between man and nature is delicate and millions of years old and camp was the first place to
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