My Favorite Sport In My Life

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Have you ever wanted something so severely and it ripped out from underneath you? That’s exactly how I felt after finding out I could no longer continue my high school volleyball career. I was ready to have the volleyball season of my life and then I came up short. God always has a plan, but at this point I can’t think of a single reason why he would do this to me and make me miss out on my senior season of my favorite sport. Every time I stepped on the court I gave everything I had and I did the best of my ability. First day of school senior year, I was excited to be on the last stretch of my high school career and I was more excited to have a volleyball scrimmage after school. We were scrimmaging the junior varsity and it was like a normal game with referees. We were going to play best three out of five, and we won the first set. During the game, I started in the front row and then rotated to the back row and got to serve. I am a middle hitter and I didn’t play back row unless I was serving. That is when everything went wrong. JV hit the ball back over and we shank it off, but I could still get it back into play if I went after it. I turn and start sprinting to the back wall trying to get to the shanked ball before it hits the ground. Suddenly, I collide with the purple brick wall with full force and my hands are the only part that stop me from my whole body running into it. Instantly, I feel pain in my right wrist, but I assume that it is just sore from the impact so

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