Personal Narrative: She's Insane

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Constitution and declares, “Now, no talking, no cheating, no breathing, I better not see a muscle move in your body other than your hand to write on your test!”
I whisper to my friend Alex, “She’s insane!”
All of a sudden we hear the floor shake and we realized Mrs.Berntson has turned around and was staring at us.
“Did I just hear a voice?!” She screamed as I hide my face from her disgusting gleek that was getting all over me. I didn’t respond so she started to come towards me. I could barely breath, she wreaked worse than a pile of cow poop! She came inches from my face, I thought she was going to kill me. Then I remember the dream that I’ve been having lately; it’s about every time I get in trouble and something bad is about to happen, I write the word “meanwhile” and I get transported to wherever I want. I think about it for a second, trying to convince myself to do it, even though I don’t believe that it’ll work. I quickly make a decision and etch meanwhile onto my paper. …show more content…

I open my eyes and see that I’m surrounded by a volleyball net and hundreds of people in the crowd. I look to my side and see Kerri Walsh! All around me are signs with, “2016 Rio Summer Olympics” on them. I realize I’m actually in Rio at the Olympics and I’m playing sand volleyball with Kerri Walsh!! Woah. Kerri hands me the ball and tells me I’m up to serve. So I nervously shuffle back to the end line, still in awe that this is happening. The score is 20-19 and we’re down by one. I serve the ball and the other team retrieves it, hitting it back over. We volley back and forth 5 times, until Karri set me up and I hit the ball so hard that I get a kill! The crowd is going wild! It’s tied up with 5 points to go. I keep serving. We

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