My Fear

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My biggest fear is not being successful, and disappointing my parents. Being the first in my family to attend college has put a lot of pressure on me. My family expects to me to make it, to be the first to attend college is great but, being the first to become a doctor would be even better. My fear is failing, my mother works very hard to put me through college, so I don’t want to disappoint her by not graduating. I want to fulfill my dreams and return the favor by taking care of her. My mom was the only one who never tried to talk me out of attending college, she has been the biggest support in my life. I have a list of goals and when a slight difference or an obstacle appears I feel like giving up. However, I remind myself of my goals …show more content…

As I got older, I realize that I must learn from my mistakes and grow. I am still making mistakes but also, I am still learning. If I continue to hang on the tough times and regretting them, then I wouldn’t be able to focus and move towards the good that god has stored for me.
What is the moment you felt the lowest?
When I was 9, I went through something that no one knows about, not even my family, and I should’ve said something but I was too afraid and ashamed. Growing up, I was vulnerable and I didn’t know my self-worth and I was so uncomfortable in my body. However, I thought I was strong because, I got myself out of that situation with no help and I thought if I forgot about it then I’ll be great. For many years, that logic was true, but as I got older and in junior high then I realize I wasn’t so great after all. I was still a fragile little girl and I knew that I wasn’t over that tragedy and I cannot just forget about it and move forward. Also, I felt like it was too late to say something, I thought no one would believe me since I was only 9. I felt the lowest because, why me? Why was I being punish? I was always the sweet and nice one. I wasn’t the typical 9 year old, I was built differently but I couldn’t process why I had to go through that. God protected my sisters but why didn’t he protect me? I use to always ask myself those questions all the time. Being taking advantage of at such an early age by someone who was,

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