My First Broken Heart Of Love

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It is true love can become atrocious and unbearable. It happens too many times than it should happen. I have experienced the beauty of love and also the tragic of love. I was barely a teenager and I thought I was in love with this boy. His name was Noah. I should emphasize on the past tense--was--because it 's apart of the tragedy. Noah and I were best friends for two years. We met each other in 7th grade. He had moved to Maryland from Texas with his father, step-mother, step-brother, and dog. Our relationship bloomed like a gorgeous rose then withered and eventually died. I was barely a teenager and I experienced my first broken heart. Love sucks.
At first, when I saw the new kid in my math class, I thought that he would have a hard time fitting it. The first thing anyone would notice about this kid was how incredibly thin he was. He was severely underweight and looked very anorexic. The second thing you would notice about this kid is his protruding front teeth. His front teeth and comical ears made him looked like a rat. I knew this kid would get picked on immediately. Unfortunately, it did happen, by an overweight kid. The overweight name was Garrett. Surprisingly, Noah and Garrett became friends. Since Garrett was friends with one of my friends, he introduced Noah to our group of friends. That 's how our relationship started. Noah was also in my gym class along with math. We were always partners in gym because we were not athletic. We officially became friends when we

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