My First Chose Over For Dinner

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President, activist, and an influencer can contributed positive impact of mind kind. The people I chose did the exact same thing. Without them the world won’t be the same. Doing astonishing things, which others can’t do or would not have dare to do. With the three people chosen, people gain rights and obligations.
For dinner I will have garlic, tomato spaghetti and roasted chicken. For dessert, I will bake my famous banana bread. The guest also eat other dishes they didn’t have during their time frame. Abraham Lincoln is my first chose over for dinner. The 16th president of United States, saw equal among each person. Lincoln didn’t saw less because the color of pigmentations. Lincoln as commander, seeing greatness in the world instead. Before becoming President, Lincoln served on the Illinois State Legislature. He studied law and work as a lawyer. He ran for the U.S. Congress, served one term. Later, Lincoln ran for the U.S. Senate, did not won. But he was known for his arguments against slavery. In 1860, Lincoln ran for President of the United States. Being a part of Republican Party which opposed slavery. The republicans were also against slavery. Lincoln was supported throughout the candidate and presidency. Except the South, seven states left and formed their own country, the Confederacy. The Civil War began on April 1861. After four years of war and thousands of lives, the North won. Lincoln 's most famous speech was the Gettysburg Address. “Now we are engaged in a

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