My First College Tour At Texas State University

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As I approached the later years of my high school days, the pressure of picking the “right” college became an everyday battle. All of my childhood friends had known for years where they were destined to attend college and even began fabricating their new lives together. Growing up I knew my goal was to advance to college, but thankfully my parents never pressured me towards a specific place. As most parents, mine wanted a better life for me and to have certain opportunities that they didn’t have growing up; the place didn’t matter. My close friends grew up as an Aggie or Longhorn fan, so their decision was easy for them. I began questioning myself on who I wanted to be and what traditions I wanted to be a part of. I knew that my own …show more content…

Given the opportunity, I immediately took advantage and registered for the Legacy Leadership class offered. Little did I know, it would change my life forever. The class taught me things about myself that I never knew existed and I am so thankful for the life lessons it provided me. I am now a huge advocate for the class, and for McCoy’s in general and will be mentoring students in the Spring of 2017. Coming to know and love the background the McCoy’s family has built for the generations to come, I know in my heart that there is no other school I would rather be a part of other than Texas State University. Being at this school has humbled me in many ways and I am proud to represent its efforts. I want to continue my education here in hopes that I persevere to be, not only the first in my family to graduate college, but also be the first to attain a Master’s degree. I want to be a person my children and husband can look up to one day and the person that doesn’t let their family down. Some may say I put too much pressure on myself to succeed, but to me it’s all about becoming who I want to be. I have goals to obtain my CPA license and secure an internship with a company that will set me apart from others. I desire to be a unique individual that will be an asset to any company I settle with. I yearn for an unrelenting degree that challenges me everyday, so I will become a more skillful individual in the future. I have no doubt in my mind that this program will help

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